Golden Key Awards Spotlight: Addrienne Baez, Leasing Consultant of the Year

Posted By: Amanda White Industry, Membership, Member Spotlights,

In preparation for this year’s Golden Key Awards we are reliving some of the excitement from last year’s big event. For the next several weeks, we will continue to highlight some of last year’s Golden Key Nominees and share their stories with you.

This week, we sat down with Doris Granger, Property Manager for ARIUM Windermere, to discuss why her company chose to nominate Addrienne Baez for Leasing Consultant of the Year in 2017.

Amanda: Why do you believe it is an honor to be nominated for a Golden Key Award?

Doris: In Addrienne’s own words: “It is an honor to be nominated for a Golden Key Award because it shows that if you work hard and are willing to go the extra mile, that you will be recognized for it. To me, it’s important to help others and to do my daily duties—but to be recognized for it? That’s just flattering and it is something that I will forever be grateful for.”

Amanda: Doris, why did you choose to nominate Addrienne?

Doris: I nominated Addrienne because she worked hard not only to master her assigned tasks but also expanded her knowledge to other areas. Her initiative and creativity were soon noticed and she implemented a strong outreach program not only for our property but also for others. Addrienne loves to teach others how to succeed in their roles and she has become a mentor for other leasing agents.

Amanda: What qualities does Addrienne possess that make her stand out amongst her peers in the industry?

Doris: Most importantly, Addrienne cares about everything she does. She is detailed oriented and always displays a great degree of ownership. She is firm, consistent, caring, and friendly making her very likeable among residents, peers, and vendors. Addrienne’s eagerness to learn more about our industry and be involved expands to her volunteer work with AAGO.

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