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Enhanced Listing


Enhanced Listing



Take your company profile on the AAGO Directory to the next level with an Enhanced Listing!


For the remainder of 2020 AAGO members can pay only $99 total (one time) to enhance their company profiles! 


Price will increase to $175 for the year in 2021.

Standard Listing Enhanced Listing
Screenshot of a standard listing profile Screenshot of an enhanced listing profile

What's the difference between a standard listing and an enhanced listing?

Standard Listing Includes*

Enhanced Listing Includes*

Company Name, Address, and General Contact Information Company Name, Address, and Contact Information
Areas of Expertise Areas of Expertise
Special Offer Advertisement (You can customize) Special Offer Advertisement (You can customize)
Licensure Information Licensure Information
Top Placement in Online Directory
Company Logo Displayed in Profile
Company Overview (Brief description of company)
Team Members Listed in Profile
Social Media Feeds (Facebook/Twitter)
Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

*Member company is responsible for all artwork, narrative, providing special offer info, social media links, selection of Areas of Expertise, and for updating their profile.

Member Price: $150