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The Florida Apartment Association (FAA)

As an AAGO member, you also benefit from dual membership with the Florida Apartment Association. FAA collaborates with state lobbyists and specialized public policy consultants on various projects of industry-wide impact around Florida. These resources are invaluable to members who would not ordinarily be able to tackle these issues on their own.

New Human Trafficking Requirements

(FAA Blog Post | Human Trafficking Training | DBPR FAQ Sheet)

During the 2019 legislative session, the language was added to Florida Statute, designed to increase human trafficking awareness. This language adds new requirements that public lodging establishments must comply with. Per Section 509.096, these requirements officially went into effect on January 1, 2021. The new law and requirements thereof are enforced by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).  

2021 Legislative Priorities

1. Protect the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Rent Relief

  • Urging the legislature to use all Sadowski Affordable Housing funds for Florida housing initiatives including resources for local rent relief programs.
  • Further, the Florida Apartment Association is urging the legislature to pass SB 510/HB 13 which will prevent the Legislature from diverting any Housing Trust Fund balances for other purposes within the state budget.

2. Establish COVID-19 liability protections for essential business 

  • Throughout the pandemic, housing providers and their employees have been deemed, essential workers. The apartment community's essential operation has brought increased liability risks during COVID-19. In light of this increased risk, temporary liability protections for essential businesses are needed to ensure they can continue to perform the functions necessary. 
  • Further, the Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass HB 7/SB 72 to provide reasonable COVID-19 liability protections for businesses, including housing providers during the pandemic. 

3. Permit Tax Incentives for Affordable Housing 

  • Provide local governments with the ability to waive or reduce property taxes for affordable housing units.
  • Further, the Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass SB 674/HB 563 to give local governments the ability to adopt ordinances that would grant ad valorem tax exemptions or reductions to property owners whose properties are used for the governmental or public purpose of providing affordable housing. 

4. Clarify Fire Radio System Requirements

  • Amended in 2016, Florida Statute 633.202 gives local governments the discretion to regulate fire radio systems for buildings within their jurisdiction. However, the current language is vague and does not articulate any minimum requirements for municipal radio equipment. This has led to a variety of implementation inconsistencies across the state.
  • Further, the Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass legislation to clarify fire department radio signal requirements for new and existing high-rise buildings.

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