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State Resources

Here, find helpful links to various state, industry-related resources as well as our latest legislative priorities.

As an AAGO member, you also benefit from dual membership with the Florida Apartment Association. FAA collaborates with state lobbyists and specialized public policy consultants on various projects of industry-wide impact around Florida. These resources are invaluable to members who would not ordinarily be able to tackle these issues on their own.

State Resources

FAA 2020 Legislative Priorities

#1. Protect & Preserve the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Now, this one may not be a newbie, but that doesn't make it any less important!  

  • This year, we are asking the Legislature to support SB 306 & HB 381, which call for the full funding of the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund. 

#2. Clarification of Fire Radio Communication System Requirements

  • This year, we are urging the Legislature to support and pass legislation that provides clarification to Florida state statute that creates consistency among fire communication signal requirements. 

#3. Reduce Emotion Support Animal (ESA) Fraude & Abuse

  • This year, we are urging the Legislature to support SB 1084 and CS/HB 209 that would authorize landlords to request certain written documentation and prohibit the falsification of written documentation. 

A typical question regarding this legislation is "Would there be any negative impacts on those who have a legitimate need for an ESA?" and the answer is, no, there wouldn't be. This simply creates the requirement for an individual to obtain documentation with a licensed provider in the state of Florida.

#4. Increase Affordable Housing Tax Incentives

  • This year, we are urging the Legislature to support legislation that gives counties and municipalities the ability to waive or reduce property taxes for affordable housing units. While we currently do not have a bill number, there is legislation relating to affordable housing incentivization that we are hoping to amend with our bill language. 

Find and follow other legislation that FAA is tracking, here