The AAGO team is the association's professional staff that is charged with ensuring an optimal member experience, and working with volunteer leaders to produce best in class education programs, events, networking opportunities, day to day operations, and industry advocacy.
Chip Tatum Chip Tatum
CAM, NALP, NAAEI Faculty Chief Executive Officer AAGO
Chief Executive Officer
Desiree Starr Desiree Starr
Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS), NAAEI Faculty Senior Vice President, Program Development AAGO
Senior Vice President, Program Development
Monica Ramsey Monica Ramsey
Vice President, Member Relations AAGO
Vice President, Member Relations
Dominica Hurst Dominica Hurst
Office & Bookkeeping Manager AAGO
Office & Bookkeeping Manager
Cynthia Cruz Cynthia Cruz
Events Manager AAGO
Events Manager
Lydia Rodriguez-Torres Lydia Rodriguez-Torres
Programs Manager AAGO
Programs Manager