Zuri White: Student Spotlight

Posted By: Desiree Starr Education Corner,

"Helping families find apartment homes is a most fulfilling job; the intrinsic value resonates for me, as a shelter is something that you need. Maybe with a little less priority and angst, we go through all the same emotions when shopping for a little black dress after a break up, but it is part of the human experience that transcends things that make us different. New and not so new leasing professionals in the business will find it more than worth their time to take classes at AAGO. I have taken Leasing 101 and the Advanced Leasing classes there and those days have been among my best since moving to Orlando.  Our market has a lot of people looking for homes and that can make your day long with persons that do and do not meet your communities’ standards. Desiree Starr expertly instructed both my classes and her witty energy will keep you engaged, give you tools to connect with your traffic on a personal level and quickly help them into the black dress that fits them best. AAGO’s site in Maitland is a true training facility and the ladies there are a kick butt team. You will be greeted and made welcome by Lydia and the model apartment simulations led by Monica gave my class participants a chance to practice, really practice.  I loved that the focus at AAGO is solutions orientated. Even if it is not with your property, helping the client to find a home is the goal.  Wants can get in the way of our decision making, but at AAGO I learned how to sell the benefits of the features that make my property unique. You will learn to be the advisor to help a family choose an apartment with a maybe smaller floor plan to save money, in efforts to prepare them to be home buyers and the agent to rent a completely renovated one bedroom to someone looking for a more permanent arrangement with the primary concern of convenience."


Zuri White

Leasing Consultant

Pioneer Property Management