Wondering what the Golden Key Awards (GKA) hype is all about?

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Are you wondering what the Golden Key Awards (GKA) hype is all about ? We sat down with former GKA winner, Rich Foster, who is a Regional Director for Matrix Residential to get his perspective on the big event.


What makes being nominated for the Golden Key Awards so special? 

Several words come to mind involving AAGO: Professional, Education, Leadership, Mentorship, Team Building, Recognition and Opportunity (just to name a few). Being nominated made me feel as though someone noticed that I possessed some of the qualities this organization is all about. That is what made the nomination so special to me.

What what your most memorable moment at awards ceremony and why? 

Of course winning Regional Property Manger of the Year was my moment of a lifetime. I will cherish that forever. Several things make the Golden Key Awards special for me every year. It is an event where the individuals that have worked so hard get to celebrate where they are today. For example, accolades for each individual property that set goals and blew that goal out of the water. The people that crushed expectations for a job they have (and in some cases were promoted for their hard work). For the past 3 years, I have stayed for the entire event. Regardless if it is a property I manage or not, I want to applaud those people who have earned an award.

How does it feel to win a Golden Key Award? 

It has been six months and eleven days since the 2016 Golden Key Awards (not that I am counting, but I am).  I have the award sitting on my desk. There’s not been a day that I’m in the office that the award does not make me smile.  When I say it was my “moment of a lifetime”, that is exactly what I mean. To this day, it still feels incredible. I am humbled and honored every day.

What would you say to inspire others in the industry who would like to win a Golden Key Award? 

I can only say what motivates me. My passion is to motivate my team. I want to make sure that my team is happy, educated, informed, included, empowered and mentored whenever it’s necessary. When team members are happy, they strive to do better. They want more education, more opportunity and become better leaders. These individuals are the ones that are recognized at the Golden Key Awards. They become involved in all industry related activities and typically get recognition for their leadership abilities. These are the future leaders of the industry and deserve to be nominated for their achievements throughout the year.