AAGO Vision Competition

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We're are asking our hardworking volunteers to work together and flex their "creative muscles" to develop a boilerplate concept that outlines and dissects how to best address or solve one (or more) of the medium-long term objectives detailed in the 2019 Strategic Plan.

Each phase of the AAGO Vision Competition has been briefly outlined below

Phase 1: Collaborate 

January to March

Individuals will create a team, comprised of 3-5 individuals, and choose an objective (outlined below) they would like to focus on. Once assembled, your team will work to strategize and detail how you plan to address your chosen objective. Please note, all individuals wishing to participate must represent companies or communities that are in good standing with the association. 

Team Rules, Regulations, and Composition

Teams shall be made up of 3-5 members, we recommend teams be comprised of both supplier and management members. 

Once assembled,

  • Register your team through the event registration  
  • In your registration email please include the following: 
    • Names of all individual team members
    • Team name
    • Designated team captain
    • Teams choosing to include a Young Professional (YP committee member) or a Valencia RPM student will be given primary consideration.
    • Objective your team will be focusing on. 

Phase 2: Create

March to May

Once you have solidified and registered your team, you will dive into your chosen objective. You are free to meet Your team will work to create the following:

  • Draft a working document that outlines the objective you want to address
  • How you plan to address the said objective
    • Outlining all moving parts associated with implementation (i.e., staff time, weekly routine adjustments, creation of a new committee/council, etc.)
  • Any costs associated with implementation
  •  Design a business/marketing plan to sell your concept pitch

Phase 3: Compete

May to June

  • Initial Submission Deadline- May 5, 2020
    • You will submit your business/marketing plans to AAGO Staff via the DropBox link provided to you.
      • Save files as TeamName_SubmissionDate
  • Once all submissions have been received, there will be a two-week deliberation period to allow time for review and judging.
  • Team Notification of Competition Standing- May 25, 2020
  • The top two team ideas chosen will move on to the final round of judging
    • Final Judging Submission Deadline- June 15, 2020

Phase 4: Completion and Implementation 


  • Following the final round of judging, the team's concept/idea chosen will be reviewed and approved for funding by the AAGO Board of Directors. 
  • The concept/idea will then be set for implementation in 2021.  
Participation Rewards and Incentives
  • The first-place team will receive $1,000 to be split among individual team members and will be featured on the cover of the Q1 KEY Magazine.
  • The runner-up team will receive $500 to be split among individual team members and will be featured on the AAGO website blog. 

For more information, please contact Trinity Kutschinski, AAGO Public Affairs Director.