Osceola County's Eviction Diversion Program

Posted By: Trinity Kutschinski COVID-19,

Osceola County announced its Eviction Diversion Assistance Program for County residents who currently have an eviction filed against them for the non-payment of rent. 

The program is currently open and accepting applications as of Monday, October 5, 2020. Many of you may be familiar with Orange County's COVID-19 Eviction Diversion Program, and while these two programs share the same mission, there are some notable differences between the two programs, all of which we have outlined below. You will find Osceola County's Eviction Diversion program guidelines and requirements below, with links to the County's website for additional information. 

Program Overview

In conjunction with its Eviction Diversion Program, Osceola County has re-opened two of its CARES ACT funded, individual assistance programs. The County has placed great emphasis on the role that its Eviction Diversion program plays alongside its other assistance programs and wants to ensure individuals are aware of the assistance and different programs that may be available to them. To learn more about the various assistance programs that may be available to Osceola County residents, click here

  • With all of this in mind, it is important to note that the County's Eviction Diversion program is solely reserved for the "diversion" of evictions that have already been filed, for the non-payment of rent. 
  • The program will cover rent and other base rent fees up to a "soft cap" of $10,000 per applicant.
  • This "soft cap" amount could also go to cover a resident's rent through December 2020, if the County finds that the resident remains unable to demonstrate an ability to pay. 
  • Both the housing provider and the resident must agree to participate (via a signed program participation agreement) in the program in order to move forward.
  • Funds will be distributed directly to the housing provider.
  • Program eligibility is not income-based. 
  • Program funding will cover rent and other fees or charges that are charged with based rent (i.e.- utilities, like sewer, water, trash).

Resident Criteria

  • The resident must provide documentation of a COVID-19 impact (proof of loss of income),
  • Be at least two months behind in arrears, and
  • Must sign and agree to the program participation and workout agreement.

Landlord Criteria

  • Upon request, provide the County/Osceola County Bar Association with the property's W-9 (to receive program funds directly),
  • Agree to participate in the program participation and workout agreement. 
To Apply
  • Call- (407) 742- 8440, or
  • Email- evictionassist@osceola.org

Additional Program Resources

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