Participate in the Member Census you say?

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Why Should I Participate in the Member Census? 

As is the case with the U.S. Census, there are a variety of benefits to participating in AAGO's 2020 Member Census! Take a minute to think of all the preferences you have. Do you prefer emailing over texting? Do you learn better in an online class versus an in-person one?

Today, customization is key. 

We know and value this! Which is why we want to ensure you are getting and making the most out of your membership. Participating in the member census allows you to tailor your AAGO membership to your professional interests, wants, needs, and goals.

Participating in the 2020 member census helps us, help you.

Perks to Participating

All of this is changeable via your member compass

  • Select your communication preference.  
  • Express your interests.
    • We don't know what we don't know. Say you have a knack for event planning or want to learn more about government affairs. These things aren't necessarily tied to or in line with your current role. However, indicating these interests in your member profile gives us the ability to share opportunities related to these topics with you. Opportunities you may not have been aware of before!  
  • Receive more specified information. 
    • Depending on the communication preferences you indicate and the additional information you choose to add to your member profile, you will receive association information that is at the very least, more in line with your preferences, current role, and potential interests
  • AAGO is getting ready to fully launch AAGO Community, an online platform that allows members to engage, connect, discuss, and share, virtually!
    • By participating in the Member Census, this information will automatically transfer to AAGO Community, giving you a leg-up in the game. 

How to Participate

Customizable Profile Preferences

  • About Me- Roles and Interests
    • Include your job title, indicate your interests, and even express interest in volunteer opportunities you are interested in receiving additional information about. 
  • Profile Information
    • Include your mobile number (if you are interested in receiving SMS communications), links to your social media accounts, and give your colleagues an opportunity to put a face to the name by including your headshot. 
  • Personal Contact
    • Include alternate contact information in the personal contact section to ensure you never lose touch with AAGO or your colleagues. 
  • Education
  • Awards
  • Volunteer Work

Update your Profile Today

If you have any questions about the 2020 Member Census, please email Monica Ramsey, VP of Member Relations.