First Impressions are Everything for AAGO Trade Show Exhibitors

Posted By: Amanda White Membership,

AAGO’s 2017 Trade Show is just around the corner and this year’s theme is Reality TV. This week, many exhibitors are putting the final touches on their Trade Show booth and planning for the connections they want to make on April 25th. While planning for an effective Trade Show is important, a company’s true success is measured by how it engages with potential business partners at the big event. 

The key to putting your company’s best foot forward is recognizing first impressions are everything. This lesson is all too apparent in many of today’s most popular reality TV shows. We all can recall a certain reality TV star who either won or lost our favor in the early moments of the show. These first impressions often shape how we view particular characters for the rest of the season. The same is true with the importance of first impressions at the AAGO Trade Show.

On April 25th you will be introducing your brand to some individuals for the very first time. How you present your company will leave a lasting impression on potential customers for years to come. In order to maximize your company’s ROI, make your first impression one to remember by following these three simple steps:

  • Ensure your booth is welcoming to all attendees. Remember to smile and put down your cell phone. Your main focus at this event should be to engage with the potential customers right in front of you.


  • Make sure you have a clear plan established in advance for tracking contact information for potential leads at the Trade Show. If you don’t have a formal plan in place, critical contact information and valuable future business opportunities will be missed. This is more than just collecting business cards. The most successful exhibitors take detailed notes about the specific products and services potential clients are interested in.


  • Follow up with potential leads in a timely fashion. Reaching out to these individuals within 1-3 days is typically a best practice but the sooner, the better.

Although growing your business will be at the forefront of your mind as you prepare for this year’s Trade Show, don’t forget to have fun! The apartment industry is built on strong relationships and this event is one of many ways you can start to foster these connections with key decision makers.