Advocacy Schmadvocacy

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Why should you include that $35 anyways?

Kimberly Hackett-Maggard, SVP of Operations, Royal American

AAGO Immediate Past President

With each dues invoice we include a "$35 voluntary advocacy contribution" and it is not uncommon for us to get questions about why a community or supplier partner would want to include that with their dues.  This blog should answer that question for you, and hopefully, will compell you to include it with your dues payment!

Monies collected through the advocacy contribution give AAGO the resources it needs to prepare for, respond to, and support issues of critical importance to the apartment industry. Each dollar collected goes directly to advocacy related programs that are defending or supporting the industry.  

A little over 60% of the money collected goes directly to support the Apartment Political Action Committee (APAC) and assists us with meeting our "fair share" for APAC.  The rest of the fund supports our efforts related to local issues such as sustainability, onsite operations/fire code, affordable housing issues, development, and supports fundraising for the National Apartment Association Political Action Committee (NAAPAC).

Our pledge to you is that none of the monies collected through the contribution cover routine or anticipated operational costs such as payroll, office expenses, etc.  Each dollar is used in support of our advocacy efforts!

If you have specific questions about our advocacy efforts please contact the AAGO office!  Thanks in advance for your support!