How Can We Support the Association & the Industry?

Posted By: Monica Ramsey Industry, Membership,

As we continue to adjust to and cope with the needs of COVID-19, we have heard the following loud and clear... 

"How can we best support our association and industry during this unprecedented time?" 

The answer? Choosing to use the Member Directory!

This simple solution gives you (and AAGO) an opportunity to get to know our fellow members better while growing together as an industry and association.

Many onsite teams and management companies are in the midst of assessing operations and making the necessary adjustments to function and succeed in the current economic climate.  Our AAGO Supplier Partners and Professional Services Firms stand ready and willing to fulfill many (if not most) of these needs! 

As you or your community/company evaluate your needs make the AAGO Member Directory your first stop! 

Watch the following short video on how to best utilize the AAGO Member Directory.

Searching for the right supplier partner or professional service is just one of the handful of ways you can use the member directory. You can,

  • Filter members by member type, area of expertise, special offers, and primary practice;
  • If logged in, you can also view management company/community contact information;
  • Search related companies or communities; and
  • Access links to a company's external website.

Choosing to participate in member-to-member business opportunities allows members to cultivate meaningful professional and personal relationships while equipping the Association with the ability to provide members with additional resources that they utilize and enjoy, like the entire blog section we have dedicated to COVID-19 information.

Looking to stand out even more?  Consider adding an enhanced listing to your profile! 

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