My experience winning a Golden Key Award!

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My Experience Winning a Golden Key Award

by Maurice Williams

Director of Sales, BG Multifamily

While attending FAA last October I was new to my supplier role and in our BG Multifamily booth talking to some partners in the industry. I turn around and there were two Managers standing behind me with the big Gold Key and nomination letter with my ribbon. I was nominated for Rookie Supplier of the year!    I was so excited to be nominated 2 years in a row as the previous year, I was on the management side.

Fast forward to December, 2017 and it was the evening of the Golden Key Awards.  I was nervous and excited.   It was a fun night watching around 50 Golden Key winners come up and receive their awards.   Now, it was toward the end of the evening and honestly, I was ready to take my bowtie off as there were only a few awards left.  Desiree started talking about the accolades of the next. winner and I was chilling in my seat because I didn’t even know that my category was up.  Suddenly Desiree announced, “and the winner is Maurice Williams” and my mouth dropped, I had to quickly get myself together and go grab my award. I was the WINNER and it felt so good.

I encourage you to nominate your team, company, or an individual that has done an exceptional job this year. They could be a 2018 AAGO Golden Key WINNER!!!! The Golden Key nominations end September 7th 2018.  

Simply log onto: to nominate someone today!