Multi Site Manager Roundtable

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Multi-Site Manager Roundtable Recap

By Renae Gates, Dalcor Companies


On May 18, AAGO hosted the first ever Multi Site Manager’s Roundtable.   We had 22 leaders in attendance to discuss and brainstorm solutions to some of the daily challenges that face them.   Led by 6 “team captains”, the attendees worked their way around several topics and here are just a few of the solutions they came up with.




  • Compensation should be based on market and/or experience and should include some type of equity for employees such as certifications and education
  • Participate in salary surveys so that you are always aware of what the market is paying. Contact Rona at FAA and she will send you a personalized link to the survey for data entry.
  • Compensation should be presented as a total package to include 401k options, apartment discount, bonus potential and vacation time


  • Hire retired military! They do not need health insurance and their work ethic tends to be excellent
  • Always use interview guides to ensure consistency of questions asked of all applicants for specific jobs. Set up guidelines for how your company handles 2nd and 3rd interviews and have HR approve
  • Utilize professional websites such as,, LinkedIn and to place open positions


Affordability of Housing


  • Affordability of housing and affordable housing are not the same thing. The affordable housing challenge is driven by a lack of supply for both market rate AND affordable units.  AAGO’s State of the Market dinner meeting panel was asked about affordable housing and you can read the recap here     Additionally,  NAA published an interesting article back in 2017.  You can access that article by clicking here


Lease Enforcement


  • Follow up within 7 days. Set a reminder and track violations to follow up. Don’t just wait for more complaints to happen
  • Be consistent. Don’t pick favorites, you have to be the same with everyone
  • Communication should be up and down the chain. While coaching employees, explain the “why’s” and make sure that team is on the same page.  Don’t allow issues to escalate



Marketing outside the Box


  • Host major employer event and coordinate with the resident that works there
  • Sponsor local YMCA/Boys & Girls Club
  • Pet events!
  • Sign up for “Are you the One-Marketing Strategies” on June 8 from 9 am until 12 pm


Employees to commit to more than the job


  • Maintenance Appreciation Week
  • Form a softball, bowling, etc. team and use it for teambuilding
  • Create an “Above and Beyond” award for each region
  • Register team members to attend events such as FAA conference, Lease-A-Palooza, Rock N Bowl, etc.


The group also discussed best practices for Employee Retention. 


  • As a Regional Manager, send birthday cards to each and every employee
  • Send flowers to your managers on their birthday
  • Send welcome gift to new employees


Application Fraud


  • Utilize a screening company that flags fraudulent activity
  • Network with comps to find out fraudulent applicants
  • Bring police officer to safety meetings-this could be used for comp meeting as well


Energy Efficiency Upgrades


  • Low flow toilets and show heads. Cost savings with 1.28 toilets
  • LED lighting on buildings and in kitchens
  • Use NEST thermostats
  • Ensure service team is completing preventative maintenance



Engaging Team to get involved with AAGO

  • Regional Managers should make involvement part of the annual review process
  • Allow on site teams the time to attend committee meetings, classes, etc.
  • Leaders should lead by example and attend meetings, classes, etc.


The next Multi-Site Roundtable will be on Friday, December 7 from 11 am until 2 pm