Irma Update

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Hurricane Irma:  AAGO Events and Operations Updates

For links to official resources such as local emergency management,

shelters, hurricane tracking, etc. please click here.

This page is solely designed to keep you up to date on events and operations that may be impacted by Hurricane Irma.  Please rest assured that we will always make decisions with the wellbeing of you and your teams in mind.  

The AAGO offices are now open.  (YAY!)  We hope that you, your families, and your communities weathered the storm well!  

Scheduled Operations and Events

Last Update: 11:45 am - Monday, September 11th by CT
  • Thursday, September 7th:  All operations proceeding as normal.
  • Friday, September 8th:  AAGO Offices will be closed.
  • Monday, September 11th:  AAGO Offices will be closed.
  • Tuesday, September 12th:  AAGO Offices will be closed for damage assessment.
  • Wednesday, September 13th: 
    • AAGO Offices Open.
    • AAGO Board Meeting - Postponed to later date. 
    • AAGO Dinner Meeting - Cancelled - Refunds will be processed. 
  • Thursday, September 14th:
    • Operations: Proceeding as normal.
    • Lease-A-Palooza - Postponed to mid-October.  Date still being confirmed, and venue remains the same.  
  • Friday, September 15th:
    • Operations:  Proceeding as normal.
    • 212 Degrees Class:  Cancelled.
    • Membership Committee:  Cancelled.

Note:  To give you more time to prepare - the Golden Key Awards nominations deadline has been extended to Friday, September 15th.  To nominate a team or individual please visit!

We, of course, want you to stay safe and be prepared!  This page will be updated as frequently as it is possible to do so and as new information is secured.  Please keep those in harms way in your thoughts and prayers!

If you have urgent inquiries or concerns please email one of the following individuals (by clicking on their name), but understand access may be limited:

Lydia Torres, Education.

Cynthia Cruz, Events.

Dominica Hurst, Accounting/AAGO Foundation.

Monica Ramsey, Membership.

Desiree Starr or Chip Tatum for emergency questions or concerns.

For the full staff directory please click here.