Instructor Spotlight- Vann Flippen

Posted By: Amanda White Education Corner, Membership,

AAGO’s world class educational opportunities are made possible by countless volunteer instructors who share their valuable time and talents with students. This month, we sat down with veteran instructor, Vann Flippen from Chadwell Supply, to talk about his experience teaching at AAGO. 

Amanda: How long have you been teaching for AAGO?  

Vann: I have been involved with education with AAGO since 1990.

Amanda: Wow! As a longtime volunteer instructor, what do you enjoy most about teaching classes at AAGO? 

Vann: Watching the light bulbs go off when the students finally understand a concept and help them save their most valuable asset- their time.

Amanda: Time is certainly a valuable asset in the multifamily industry. What is your favorite memory as an instructor?  

Vann: Being involved with the NAA Train the Trainer program. It was a great Joy to learn from some of the very best in the business, that share the same passion for our students as well as our industry. To name a few were Doug Chasick, Wesley Aleshire, and Desiree Reiner Starr and to spend a few days with this type of talent was really one of my truly great days.

Amanda: Why do you think it is important to continue learning as an industry professional through the classes provided by AAGO? 

Vann: The number one most important learning you can do in our industry is to be involved whether on a committee or teaching a class.  If you really want to learn, teach a class. I did not start learning until I started teaching and becoming a true support person. Paying membership dues and going to a dinner meeting once or twice a year is not getting involved. You will get out of education by what you put into it, as a student or an instructor.

It’s that simple. You get out what you put in when it comes to your AAGO membership and you’re your professional development. We hope you will consider taking a class at AAGO or serving as a volunteer instructor in the near future. If you’re interested in learning more about AAGO’s education programs and volunteer opportunities, please contact