Orange County announces Individual and Family Assistance Program

Posted By: Trinity Kutschinski COVID-19,

With funding received under the CARES Act, Orange County has launched its Crisis and COVID-19 Individual and Family Assistance Program, Orange CARES. The program will provide one-time payments to residents affected by COVID-19. Additional application requirements and program information can be found below. 

Applications Open

  • The County will begin accepting applications on Monday, June 8, 2020. 
  • On June 8th, the County will accept its first 2,000 applicants, once 2,000 applications have been received the program will temporarily close for application processing.
  • It will reopen again on, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, accepting 1,000 new applicants.

Program and Application Process

  • The program will periodically reopen every other Wednesday and Saturday accepting 1,000 new applications each day and then will (temporarily) close to process received applications.
    • The County has listed a full list of application dates on its website, here.
  • This will continue until Saturday, December 19, 2020, or until all funding has been exhausted, whichever comes first.   

Program Eligibility Criteria

For a more in-depth look at program eligibility requirements, please visit the County's website. Residents must meet all criteria to be considered for the program. These requirements include- 

  • Reside in Orange County, Florida,
  • Pay rent or own a home in Orange County, Florida,
  • Individual or another adult in the household lost a job or experienced a reduction in hours at work due to COVID-19, and
  • The individual (applicant), as well as all other adults in the household, must be U.S. Citizens or permanent legal residents. 

Application Required Documentation

All applicants must fill out the initial CARES Act Assistance Program Form, and have the following documentation handy.

  • Both Photo ID's and Social Security Cards for all adults in the household, as well as an unemployment letter, layoff/furlough notice, or some other form notice that shows an impact from COVID-19.
  • Residents then select the type of assistance (i.e.- rent, mortgage, utility, medical) they are applying for and fill out coinciding paperwork.
    • Please note, applicants may only select one type of assistance to apply for. Depending on the type of assistance being applied for, applicants will need additional documentation outlined under the selected assistance type. 

Application Review and Notice to Applicant

  • Note, applications will be automatically rejected if documentation is missing, falsified, or illegible. 
  • Orange County will review an applicant's documents for eligibility. Applicants will be notified via email as to whether or not their online application has been accepted or denied.

Processing and Distribution

  • Accepted applications will be processed for direct payments to the applicant's property manager, mortgage company, medical provider, or utility company. 

Those wishing to apply may do so online via Orange County's website or by calling 3-1-1. 

You are encouraged to share this information with your residents. For additional federal, state, and local resources that may be available to residents, please click the button below. 

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