NAA: Eviction Moratorium Call To Action

A Message from NAA CEO, Robert Pinnegar:

COVID-19 has already brought unprecedented and unique challenges to the apartment industry, and in the coming weeks, we will reach a critical crossroads as rent relief programs have been depleted, enhanced unemployment benefits expire and the federal eviction moratorium ends.

As Congress grapples with what to do next, we need your help to make clear that an extension of the federal eviction moratorium is not the answer. To maintain renters’ stability and ensure the long-term health and survival of the apartment industry, we need emergency rental assistance included in the next, and final, COVID-19 relief bill of 2020.

Federal relief efforts have helped keep many of our renters, and therefore our industry, afloat up to this point. But as the crisis wears on, we cannot withstand an extension of the federal eviction moratorium. The industry cannot alone absorb the cost of delinquent rent payments as mortgage, property tax, payroll, insurance and other bills pile up. Rental payments reportedly have already dropped by 8 percent between June and July, and new COVID-19 surges and reopening rollbacks could easily translate into further loss of critical revenue. A rental assistance program would keep people in their homes and ensure apartment communities can pay the bills and continue to operate.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives TODAY, before it’s too late, and tell them we need emergency rental assistance to keep America’s 43 million renters safely housed, not an extension of the federal eviction moratorium! If you have already responded to this alert, thank you!

Please also spread the word to your colleagues!

Stay safe and healthy,

Robert Pinnegar, CAE
President and CEO