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Voting for the 2020 Experience Maker Awards

Awards Voting Period

  • Awards voting opens at 9:00 am Monday, October 26th,
  • Awards voting closes at 11:59 pm Saturday, October 31st.

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Voting Quick Tips

  • You can vote once per nominee every 24 hours!
    • Yep, you can vote for multiple nominees per day!
  • To learn more about a nominee simply click their photo. 
  • Looking for someone specific? Try using the search functionality located at the top of the voting page.
  • Help spread the word using the sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.
    • You can also share specific nominees or all of them at once!

Individuals have been nominated in 1 of 6 categories

  1. Resident Relationships: A team member who has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service to residents.
  2. Adaptation & FlexibilitySomeone who learned quickly and adapted operations or logistics to overcome challenges associated with the pandemic. 
  3. Best Attitude/Positive OutlookThis person demonstrated empathy, compassion, coached their team and residents up, and boosted spirits.
  4. Leadership: A team member who rose to the occasion, led others to overcome obstacles, and took on a leadership role larger than their formal title or position.
  5. Creative Sales & LeasingSomeone who, despite the odds, kept their sales and leasing numbers up, created new business opportunities, and "brought home the bacon."
  6. Resourcefulness & Problem SolvingThe onsite or corporate "MacGyver." They were always able to "figure it out" or "make it work" in the midst of a constantly changing set of challenges!

Selection Process

Three "Experience Makers" in each of the six categories will receive special recognition, and the winners will be determined by popular vote! Encourage teammates, residents, peers, etc. to vote (once every 24 hours) for the best chance to reach the top spot!

Recognition of Nominees & Winners

  • Each nominee will be recognized as an official AAGO Experience Maker!
  • They will have their name published in The Key Magazine and be listed on the website!
  • Each nominee will receive a lapel pin as a token of their accomplishments!

Top Three (per category)

  • Will receive everything above, as well as 
  • Photo and a brief description from their nomination will be printed in the January 2021 issue of The Key Magazine,
  • Virtual recognition in a format to be announced at a later date!
  • Custom plaque or trophy that can be proudly displayed.