Coping with COVID- How are management companies working to accommodate their residents?

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Ironically, now more than ever, we are collectively experiencing the importance of what it means to stand together, (although safely, six-feet apart) as a community. We are witnessing individuals and companies alike, coming together and stepping up to help their friends and neighbors who have been impacted by the continued sprawling effects of the Coronavirus. 

Right now, everyone could use some good news, right? Here are a few highlights of our industry extending a helping hand to the community, doing what they can to alleviate the financial burden brought on by the pandemic.

Atrium Management Company creates Rental Assistance Fund for residents impacted by Coronavirus. - On April 1st, Atrium Management unveiled the creation of its Resident Rental Assistance Fund, aimed at providing individuals experiencing unexpected financial hardship with a gift during, what has proven to be an extremely difficult time. Reaching their initial goal of $10,000, within just days of the Fund being created, they have set a new goal of $25,000.

You can read more about Atrium's efforts at the link above.

Lincoln Property Company- A Letter to Our Residents

 - Lincoln Property Company released a letter, emphasizing their dedication to helping their residents. Encouraging those who have suffered financially amidst the pandemic, to contact their community Business Manager to explore payment options available in an effort to alleviate some of the financial stress.

You can read the full Resident Letter at the link above.

Camden Apartments giving $2,000 each to residents who lost jobs during outbreak.

 - On Thursday, April 2nd, Camden properties launched its 'Camden Cares' initiative, the company's official resident relief program. The program has $5 million in funds for residents and will be giving $2,000 grants to residents who have lost their job or income due to the pandemic. 

You can read more about Camden's initiative via the link above. 


Our friends at Epoch Residential released the note below on their Facebook page last week, giving a comforting reminder to Facebookers, that we will continue to weather this storm together! 

Bainbridge- Letter to our Residents

 - Bainbridge sent a letter to their residents, ensuring communities that they will continue to navigate these uncharted water, together. They went on to encourage residents experiencing financial hardship, to reach out to their property manager to discuss payment options. 

You can read the full Resident Letter at the link above. 

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