Let's Advance the Industry

Posted By: Trinity Kutschinski Industry,

Introducing A.T.I.F.

Advance The Industry Fund
Let’s advance our industry, together!

Every year, AAGO members receive their member dues invoice. At the bottom of every invoice, you’ll see the option to include a voluntary $50 contribution. These voluntary contributions make up what’s called the Advance The Industry Fund (ATIF). 


100% of all ATIF contributions benefit our advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels. These monies help reach our yearly NAAPAC and APAC goals while supporting our abilities to immobilize malicious local legislation.  

In 2020, we are hoping to take our advocacy efforts to the next level. Allocated through ATIF, we will have the ability to strengthen local, non-partisan ties throughout the greater Orlando community to better promote and encourage the interests of our industry.

Previous U.S. Speaker of the House, Representative Tip O’ Neil once said, “all politics are local." 

At the local level, ATIF contributions have amplified our ability to foresee and act on potentially harmful policy, in turn, helping to alleviate the severity of issues ranging from sustainability efforts, municipal fees, housing affordability, multifamily development moratoriums and much, much more. 

Looking to become more involved with our advocacy efforts? For more information, email Trinity.