The 2019 Legislative Conference Debrief

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2019 on "the Hill"  


In the afterglow of the 2019 Legislative Conference, the AAGO team has been reflecting on the level of success we've been able to achieve through our association's continued advocacy efforts. Each year, member's from all across the state of Florida come together to advocate for issues pertinent and pressing to the apartment industry. Year after year, we are pleasantly surprised by the influx of individuals who recognize the importance of ensuring the apartment industry has a loud and boisterous voice in Tallahassee. This year AAGO brought nearly 50 members to discuss our 2019 legislative priorities with state lawmakers.



This year's legislative priorities are critical and complex. The AAGO team was absolutely blown away by our member's abilities to clearly and professionally vocalize the importance of creating a consistency in the impact fee collection process, express the trepidation behind the enaction of mandatory inclusionary zoning practices, highlight the need to reserve the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund exclusively for Florida housing programs, and simplify the difference between service animals and emotional support animals. 

Feel like you need a refresher on the 2019 legislative priorities? 

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As part of our post-legislative conference debrief, we asked our conference attendees to give us a one word, or, one sentence summary of their 2019 Legislative Conference experience.


Here's what some of the AAGO members had to say:


"It is a priority of mine to attend Legislative Days each and every year. It is critical to lobby for the issues that are affecting our industry."
-James Cornell, Skinner Waste Solutions
-Julie Smith, Highlands Viera West Apartments


"I have gone to Tallahassee more years than I can recall and this year, more than any I can remember was inspirational, impactful and effective."

-Lori Trainer, Pinnacle


"Informative and educational. Fun too!"

-Christina Haskin, Contravest


"The 2019 Legislative Conference gave me the opportunity to connect with many different peers in our industry, learn more about our legislative initiatives, and meet (and hopefully make an impact on) several new legislators."
-Meredith Torres, Greystar

An ENORMOUS thank you goes to all of our member's who helped make this year's Legislative Conference a success.