The Experience Makers

Honoring industry professionals who made the difference!

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Monday, September 21, 2020 to Friday, October 9, 2020

Event Details

Which team member "stepped up" during the pandemic?

Nominate your onsite or corporate hero for "The Experience Makers!" A program designed to spotlight and recognize industry professionals who have risen to the challenges posed by COVID19.

There is no cost to nominate an individual(s) for "The Experience Makers!"

Individuals can be nominated in 1 of 6 categories:

  • Resident Relationships: A team member who has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service to residents.
  • Adaptation & FlexibilitySomeone who learned quickly and adapted operations or logistics to overcome challenges associated with the pandemic. 
  • Best Attitude/Positive OutlookThis person demonstrated empathy, compassion, coached their team and residents up, and boosted spirits.
  • Leadership: A team member who rose to the occasion, led others to overcome obstacles and took on a leadership role larger than their formal title or position.
  • Creative Sales & LeasingSomeone who, despite the odds, kept their sales and leasing numbers up, created new business opportunities, and "brought home the bacon."
  • Resourcefulness & Problem SolvingThe onsite or corporate "MacGyver." They were always able to "figure it out" or "make it work" in the midst of a constantly changing set of challenges!

Selection Process:

Three "Experience Makers" in each of the six categories will receive special recognition, and the winners will be determined by popular vote! Once you have submitted your nominee(s) you will have the option to social share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or email via a direct link to their nomination. Encourage teammates, residents, peers, etc. to vote (once every 24 hours) for the best chance to reach the top spot!

" will be determined by popular vote!"

Recognition of Nominees & Winners:

  • Each nominee will be recognized as an Experience Maker! They will have their name published in The Key Magazine and be listed on the website!
  • Each nominee will receive a lapel pin as a token of their accomplishments!

Top Three (per category):

  • Will receive everything above, and...
  • Photo and a brief description from their nomination will be printed in the January 2021 issue of The Key Magazine, and they will receive similar online recognition.
  • Virtual recognition in a format to be announced at a later date!
  • Custom plaque or trophy that can be proudly displayed. 


Important Dates

Nominations Open: September 21st - October 9th

Voting Period: October 19th - October 25th 

Criteria for Submissions/Nominations:

  • Nominee's employer/community must be a member in good standing.
  • Individuals may only be nominated in ONE category.
  • Please submit no more than 2 nominees per apartment community, corporate office, or company. (Total nominations in each category will be capped.)
    • Note: Management companies may nominate 2 corporate-level team members in addition to the 2 nominations per onsite team.
  • All nominations are subject to review and approval by the AAGO team.


  • Nominees can be submitted in any category regardless of their role or position.
    • i.e. Maintenance tech can be nominated for Leadership, leasing profession may be nominated for Resourcefulness & Problem Solving, etc.
  • Nominees can be onsite team members, corporate office, or supplier partner/professional services.

Submissions Must Include:

  • You must be logged in to to complete the nomination. For assistance please contact a member of the AAGO team!
  • A recent photo of the nominee. (That is suitable for all audiences and approved by them for use.)
  • Their name, contact information, title, and community.
  • A brief (less than 500 characters) description of why they are being nominated. This will be read by the "voters" so make it personal, relatable, and compelling! i.e. Short story about how they have gone above and beyond or a specific example.
  • Your name and contact information (person submitting nomination) will also be required in case we need to follow up with you about the nomination.


Helpful Tips:

  • Total submissions in each category are limited. Submit your nominees soon to ensure spots remain for them!
  • To increase the odds of winning be sure to share the campaign link and encourage their friends, co-workers, social networks, and even your residents to vote! Each nominee will have a direct link to share their nomination!

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