Why Join AAGO?

Learn why your colleagues are active members of AAGO.

Your membership with the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando is a solid investment for your profession, your company, and the apartment industry as a whole.

We are dedicated to promoting and advancing the needs of the apartment industry. In 2016 alone we hosted 24 networking events, taught over 1100 students, and raised over $200k for advocacy efforts.  It is your participation in AAGO that provides the investment and resources needed to advocate at all levels of government, provide education of the highest caliber, and foster countless opportunities for career and business development.

Our members include apartment communities, apartment owners/management, suppliers, and professionals within the apartment industry! Unlike other associations, the "member" is your apartment community or supplier company, and anyone who works for the member company is automatically entitled to membership benefits!  How cool is that?

Here are just a few of the benefits you receive as an AAGO member:

Hear what some of your fellow AAGO members have to say:

“Although there are many reasons that I am involved with AAGO, my main reason is networking. It is really convenient for me to find vendors in either the Key Magazine or meet them at many of the AAGO events and the Trade Show. I almost have the expectation that if I pick a new vendor from any AAGO source, they will be reliable, already familiar with our industry and more likely to be honest/fair in their pricing and work because they have taken the initiative to connect through the association.

I have made so many connections on the management side that when I am in need of new employees, I can just reach out to a few contacts and have numerous qualified applicants in just a few days. With the sales market as active as it is right now, the turnover in our industry is high. There are a lot of seasoned office and maintenance team members without jobs right now and it’s nice to help them get back to work.”

Julia Comings
Regional Manager 

“I am an active member because of the capacity the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando (AAGO) holds to positively impact myself, my colleagues, my clients, my friends, and the multi-housing family industry as a whole, through education, legislative action, leadership development, and the promotion of networking opportunities. The role AAGO has payed in my decision to move into an entirely new industry has certainly not been small.

Although learning and development is a continual process, I would not have the industry knowledge that I do today without a warm embrace from the AAGO family. Continuing in education and leadership development, I look forward to partnering even more closely with AAGO in the days, months, and coming years to promote the core values and objective of the organization! #WeAreAAGO”

Brad Perry
Sales Executive

“It is important for me to be involved in my local apartment association for personal growth, resources available, and a support network. As this industry continues to evolve and become more advanced, it’s important that I stay abreast to trends, legislative concerns, and make connections in the industry. AAGO is a great resource for my team and company by providing supplemental training in Fair Housing, Landlord Tenant Law, and many other great topics.

As a member of APASS we are able to invest in our employees; education while receiving large rewards in improved employee performance. Most importantly, being a member of AAGO provides me an opportunity to be part of a community that understands our helps celebrate our victories.”

Erika Johnson
Regional Manager 

“For me, AAGO is a place to meeting people in the business who offer the experience, insight, and expertise that I am still learning since I am new to the industry. In the few short weeks that I have been a part of AAGO, I have met so many people who will offer me advice and introduce me to other people I can learn from. Not only will I get business out of it, but the networking and relationship building I experience with AAGO are things that wouldn’t be possible without attending the member meetings, volunteering on the committees and participating in the monthly Associate Breakfast seminars. #IamAAGO”

Melissa Scoraggi
Senior Sales Consultant