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Education Sponsorship - Designation | Certification | Specialty


Education Sponsorship - Designation | Certification | Specialty

Get your company name and brand in front of the right audience through sponsorship of one of our designation, certification or specialty classes!

What's included in a designation | certification | specialty education sponsorship?

  • Face-to-Face time with the class audience of your choosing,
  • Spread of company/brand awareness to a nice and unique audience,
  • Opportunity to speak to class attendees for the first 5 minutes and pass out/provide support materials.

Sponsorship Overview

  • $99.00 sponsorship fee,
  • Bring enough food offerings to feed the entire class, or,
  • Upon purchase of sponsorship, contact Education and Membership Manager, Jeffrey Bey-Edwards, to coordinate AAGO providing the food offerings.*
    • Requires confirmation of full reimbursement of the cost of food to AAGO.* 

Member Price: $99