Your attitude is your brand

Posted By: Amanda White Education Corner, Membership,

We work for organizations and commit to selling their mission and the brand. As an employee, we spend a great deal of time learning the values of our company and working to emanate its culture in our day-to-day operations. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the office, we often forget how one person can make a significant contribution to a large company’s success.

Your personal brand and its reputation has a tremendous impact on the organization’s brand. In order to serve as a brand ambassador for your company, you must first be a successful ambassador for yourself. When is the last time you thought about your personal brand? When other employees or your boss think of you, what comes to mind?

Below are a few tips to help you enhance your brand and your organization’s success:

  • Your personal brand as an employee starts with your attitude. Strive to be the person who arrives to work with a positive attitude and be ready to embrace the challenges of the day with a sense of persistence.
  • Dependability matters. Seeks to be someone your team can count on to be punctual, productive, and dedicated each and every day.
  • Get rid of the “Not my chair, not my problem” mentality. Nothing is more destructive to a team’s success than an employee who isn’t willing to pitch in when help is needed. Instead of waiting to be asked for help, be the kind of employee who volunteers to help others during busy seasons. This small act will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues and will not go unnoticed by leaders at your organization.
  • Last but certainly not least, take the time to be thorough in your day-to-day operations and be willing to go the extra mile. For example, your Regional Manager calls you on Monday morning to inform you the President of the company plans to tour your property on Friday. Due to heavy rain, you know your property is overdue for its weekly lawn maintenance. It only takes a few moments to go the extra mile and call the lawn care company to ensure they can touch up your property before Friday’s special visit.