Why Join AAGO?


Why Should Your Community or Company Join?

We, the members of AAGO, are an association of apartment communities, apartment owners/management, suppliers, and professionals dedicated to promoting and advancing the needs of the apartment industry!  Your participation in AAGO provides the investment and resources needed to advocate at all levels of government, provide education of the highest caliber, and foster countless opportunities for career and business development.  Unlike other associations, the "member" is your apartment community or supplier company, and anyone who works for the member company is automatically entitled to membership benefits!  How cool is that?

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Membership Categories

Whether your apartment community has 5 or 1500 units AAGO wants you!  Click here for more information on the benefits of apartment community membership!

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Management Company

Management companies and apartment owners are entitled to a FREE membership when your community(ies) is a member of AAGO!  Contact us via email or phone to sign up as a new Management Company/Owner!  Email Julie or Call 407-644-0539 x-207.


If you currently provide products and/or services to the apartment industry or if you want to... Membership in AAGO is a must! Email Julie or call 407-644-0539 x-207 for more information. 


If your company or apartment community is already a member of AAGO and you are looking to gain access to the site please select this option.  Individual memberships are FREE as long as your company or community is a current AAGO member in good standing.