Member Spotlight: Diana Gaus

Member Spotlights,

First I would like to start out by saying thank you. I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Associates Vice President and give back to an organization that has contributed so much to my career. I would not be where I am today if it were not for my involvement with AAGO. As some of you may know, I have experience working on both the management and the supplier side of the industry. I started as a leasing consultant and worked my way up to Property Manager. I gained over 20 years of experience on the property management side of our industry before moving to the supplier side where I serve today.

Are you looking to grow professionally in 2016? If you answered yes, your involvement in AAGO can be critical to your success. I encourage you to strive to be more involved with the association in 2016. The best way to get more involved is to join one (or more) of AAGO’s committees. There are a variety of opportunities to volunteer and by doing so, you will make lasting connections in the industry. These relationships grow your business, enhance your career and enrich your membership experience within AAGO. Personally, I enjoy being involved in the AAGO Legislative Committee. This group is on the front lines monitoring legislation at the local, state and national level that could impact the apartment industry. What better way to connect with your clients than by sharing important legislative updates that impact their business? If policy issues are not your cup of tea, you could serve on the Special Events Committee or the Trade Show Committee just to name a few. If you’re interested in getting more involved, email to get plugged in.

Another great opportunity to get connected is by attending our Associate Breakfast meetings, which run from 8:00 am – 9:00 am at AAGO. These monthly gatherings provide an opportunity for your company to learn more about how to do business with central Florida’s leading management companies. Other topics of discussion at these events includes multifamily market trends and leadership development. Below is a list of our 2016 meetings and you can register online at


  • Feb 3rd
  • March 2nd
  • April 6th
  • May 4th
  • June 1st
  • August 3rd
  • September 7th
  • November 3rd


I want to close by sharing my moto for success with all of you: Every great relationship is based on great communication. I believe this is the key to success in every relationship- personal or professional. This lesson applies to your involvement with the association as well. Strive to be an active participant in the association and maintain effective communication with the network you build along the way.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Associates Vice President. I look forward to working alongside all of you.


Diana Gaus

AAGO Associate Vice President

The Liberty Group, Branch Manager- Orlando