Leasing 101 Testimonials

Posted By: Lydia Rodriguez (deleted) Education Corner, Membership,

Our next Leasing 101 class is coming up on Tuesday, January 31st.   If you are wondering if your Leasing Professionals would benefit from a day of learning, role playing and skill enhancements, then check out a few testimonials from some previous students:


"I learned a lot of new ways to talk to people on what to say and what not to say.  I am so much more confident in asking for the sale!" Joel

"Desiree connected with me and answered all my questions!   I am more comfortable in approaching the prospect." Kimberly

"I feel so motivated!  I have more knowledge and am ready to lease!" Shakaya

"Desiree is amazing!"   She taught me to NEVER be afraid to ask for the sale!" Bradley

"I love that our instructor gave us real life examples and not just something from a book!" Will

"This class could be a week long!   I loved every second of it!"  Rachel

"My favorite part of class was the hand on role playing for leasing in the model!"  Silva


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