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LAP Parking Sponsorship

Get a 30 second commercial, 2 minutes to talk, 3 tickets to the event, plus your company's logo on the parking voucher and all event marketing materials as a benefit of a Parking Sponsorship!

Sign up today as a Parking Sponsor for the 2018 Lease-A-Palooza and receive the following benefits:

  • 30-second commercial at the event
  • 2 minutes to speak at the event
  • Company name on parking voucher
  • 3 Tickets to Lease-A-Palooza
  • Company Name on AAGO Event Webpage
  • Company Name on event marketing materials

Get your Parking Sponsorship now to Lease-A-Palooza to be held September 2018!

Invoicing is a Member privilege.  Non-Members will be required to pay upon purchase.

Non-Member Price: $4,500
Member Price: $3,000