It's Electric... Benchmarking Deadline Arrives in Orlando

Posted By: Chip Tatum Legislative Updates ,

August 1st, 2018 wass the deadline for subject properties in the City to submit reports.

As we have previously reported, the City of Orlando passed the Building Energy & Water Efficiency Strategy (BEWES) ordinance in 2016 as part of its overall sustainability plan.  The original draft of the regulation would have subjected a much larger pool of apartment and other commercial buildings to the requirements, but thanks to engagement from AAGO and our community partners the ordinance was modified to be much more reasonable.  Property owners who are required to report energy and water efficiency were notified by the City in June.

In a nutshell, the ordinance requires the following (specifically of multifamily buildings).

  • Apartment buildings that are 50,000 square feet of floor space or greater are required to benchmark.
  • Aggregated water, energy (including resident bills), and trash usage must be inputted by a qualified "benchmarker" into the EPA's Portfolio Manager.
  • The reports provided by Portfolio Manager, including the buildings score, must be submitted to the City.
  • Down the road, buildings not meeting certain thresholds may be required to perform an energy audit or retrocommissioning.
  • The resources below include a link to the actual code which references the penalties for non-compliance.  Thanks to our coalitions efforts these penalties are much less punitive than originally drafted.

The City has allocated significant resources to this program including training that can be accessed through their BEWES website.  Below, please find links to some relevant information about the ordinance.  If you have any questions please contact Chip Tatum, liaison to the Legislative Committee, via email or phone!

Benchmarking Resources

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

BEWES Ordinance Link (the legal stuff)