Let the nominations begin!

Posted By: Cynthia Cruz Membership ,

Our 2019 Golden Key nominations are now open!   If you would like to view the nomination checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a successful submission, please click here.  

One of the questions we get asked all the time is "what are judges looking for?"   We have the answer for you!   We have created scorecards by category so that you can review your submission to ensure that it has everything that our judges are scoring you on.   Click here to view scorecards by category.

Our nomination process is online.  BEFORE YOU BEGIN... If you exit the form prior to completing it you will have to start over from the beginning.  You cannot save and start where you left off if you exit prior to completion.  If you wish to pay for the nomination by credit card, please have your information handy.  AAGO members in good standing may choose to be invoiced.  Simply exit the credit card screen that will automatically pop up after you hit "Submit."

Once you have completed the online nomination, please submit the following to Cynthia@AAGO.org:

  • A letter of recommendation about the nominee in Word or PDF format.

  • A summary of accomplishments.

  • A photo (s) of the team, property, or company you are nominating in JPG or GIF format.

  • Nominee address and company name.

To nominate an individual (i.e. Property Manager, Leasing, Maintenance, Account Exec): Please click here.

To nominate a team or company (i.e. Maintenance Team, Community of the Year, Supplier OTY): Please click here.

See, it's that easy! Remember, once you start you cannot exit without starting over from scratch!  Questions?  Never fear, Cynthia is here!  Just call or email her.  Office: 407-644-0539 x-206 Email: cynthia@aago.org