Leadership Development Programs

Learn. Engage. Apply. Perform (LEAP)

A Leadership Experience for Current Leaders

Are you interested in improving your leadership skills? Would you like to help change your organization from good to great? Do you want to add to your supervisory toolbox? AAGO's brand new Leadership Development program offers blended learning from group activities to group instruction in conventional classroom settings. 

This program will help teach you the essential skills and techniques you need in order to look at challenges you encounter in your career from a different perspective. The program will focus on assessing each attendee’s leadership competencies and how to address the gaps that exist.

 LEAP Sessions:

  • July 24: Program Orientation and Hogan Assessment Review
  • August 21: The 5 C’s of Leadership and Leadership Engagement
  • September 18: "Going from Led to Lead”
  • October 9: Listening Leadership
  • October 23: Leadership “Speak”
  • November 20: Leadership Applications: Ethics, Counseling and Performance Appraisals

 In order to apply for the program, candidates must have one of the following:  CAM, CAMT, ARM, or CAPS designation OR 24 months experience as a supervisor of a team of 3 or more. All sessions will be at the AAGO Office from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Cost: $999 Members/$899 for APASS

Future Leaders Program

Do you want to learn the skills to become a Manager or Maintenance Supervisor?  What about a Training Director, Regional Manager or Marketing Director?   Are you motivated to accelerate your career development?

Too often, individuals are looked over for leadership roles due to lack of training and skill development.   No longer!  AAGO is thrilled to offer the third installment of our Future Leader Program for Leasing Managers, Assistant Managers and Assistant Maintenance Technicians. Attendees will learn essential skills and techniques to gain the knowledge and understanding to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Attendees will be expected to work with a Mentor and there will be activities assigned outside of the classroom hours. 

September 9-Introduction and Time Management

September 10-Leadership Skills/Traits with Workshop   

September 11-Hiring; Development Plans 

September 12-Eat the Frog; Decision Making

September 24-Financial Management and Bootcamp

September 25-Brainstorming Workshop; Going from Peer to Boss; Managing Conflict


Cost: $250 Members/$225 for APASS