Your Voice Matters

The importance of advocacy 

AAGO members continue to benefit, expand and grow from unprecedented levels of member/volunteer advocacy-oriented engagement efforts. Together, the investment of financial and volunteer resources has made an enormous impact on the community as a whole, especially towards the benefit of our industry.

How can you get involved and effectively advocate for your industry? 

Stay in the know by reading up on the latest Local Advocacy News

Look into joining AAGO's Legislative Committee or Developers Council (Must be a multifamily developer to participate). 

Click here for information on councils and committees

Contribute! Whether it is $5, $25, $100, or $1000, investing in your industry via APAC and NAAPAC yields huge results. 

APAC contributions support candidates at the local and state level who understand the issues facing our industry, additionally, APAC contributions help create and strengthen our ties with local government which allows us to stay in the know of potential issues that may be working their way down the pipeline.

NAAPAC supports candidates who help to give our industry a voice at the national level while allowing us to engage in meaningful conversations with various congressional members. 

Learn more:  APAC Info or NAAPAC Info

To learn more about how your contributions help our industry make enormous strides at the local level, click here.

You can make a contribution, here! 

Most importantly, vote 

Familiarize yourself with the candidates and amendments on your ballot.  Follow the link below to your local Supervisor of Elections Website to update your voter registration, find the nearest polling location, learn more about proposed amendments, and much more. 

Together, we create an influential industry voice.  We are eager and excited to continue to enhance our advocacy efforts in 2020!