Instructor Spotlight

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AAGO’s world class educational opportunities are made possible by countless volunteer instructors who share their valuable time and talents with students. This month, we sat down with veteran instructor, Lindsey Rivett to talk about her experience teaching at AAGO. 

Amanda: How long have you been teaching for AAGO? 

Lindsey: I’ve been teaching at AAGO for eleven years now.


Amanda: What do you enjoy most about teaching classes at AAGO? 

Lindsey: The enthusiasm you get from your students when they are truly engaged in the material and the learning process!


Amanda: What is your favorite memory as an instructor?

Lindsey: I was teaching a review for the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) designation program and a few students were having difficulty with the financial portion of the material. I could tell they really needed some extra attention and after a majority vote, our class took on a very different path. We devoted the rest of our class to the financial components of the CAM and collectively ensured EVERYONE was on the same page and felt confident in the material. After the class, a few students approached me and gave me the most heartfelt and sincere thank you as they now felt the confidence they were lacking before the class to really excel during the final exam.


Amanda: Why do you think it is important to continue learning as an industry professional through the classes provided by AAGO?

Lindsey: Our industry is ever evolving and in order to be successful at anything, we should humble ourselves and know that there is ALWAYS something more we could do, learn, or adapt to. We owe it to our residents, our associates, and ourselves to be the very best at what we do and that can only be achieved through continued education and a commitment to excellence!


Amanda: What are you looking forward to next?

Lindsey: I am super excited to be involved in the second year of the Future Leaders program. The module that I teach is called “Decision Making.” It is always so rewarding for me to look out at the students and see the light bulb go off. Last year, UDR had three attendees in this program and I am proud to announce that two of them went on to win Golden Key Awards for their respectful roles. I can’t wait to see what this class brings!