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Election Day is tomorrow!  A great deal of attention is paid to the "big ticket" races such a US Senate and Florida Governor, and while those are important there are important decisions to be made all the way down the ballot.  

AAGO has made engaging with local government a key priority over the last couple of years with a substantial ramp up in 2018.  The association currently does not endorse candidates, but we are happy to disclose the candidates that have been finanancially supported through APAC based on our requests. 

To review the list of local candidates supported in 2018 please click here

Some of the most important decisions you will make this November are the constitutional amendments on the ballot.  There are 13 of them ranging from homestead exemptions to restoration of voting rights for felons.  It's important to carefully review each of them prior to making your selection! 

The Florida Apartment Association has only endorsed Amendment 2 which continues the 10% cap on multifamily property assessment value increases that has been in place for the last 10 years.  This is by far the most important measure for the apartment industry.  Failure to reauthorize could result in large increases in taxable values and add a substantial tax burden to a property's budget.  (Taxes, on average, consume nearly 40% of the average community's operating expense budget.)

FAA & AAGO encourage you to vote YES on Amendment 2!

More Info on Amendment 2

2018 General Election Amendment Information

Most importantly, get our there and exercise your right to vote!  Every vote counts.