February: the Legislative Breakdown

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The Legislative Breakdown 

2 months into the new year, AAGO members have been busy advocating for and advancing the interests of their industry. This month has been both exciting and hectic, with members attending the 2019 FAA Legislative Conference while also working to help address and tackle a number of local issues.

The AAGO Team has been blown away by our member's abilities to professionally articulate and express this year's legislative priorities. Again, we thank each and every one of you who continuously recognize the importance of giving our industry a loud and boisterous voice in Tallahassee. 

February has been a rigorous month legislatively both at the state and local level. Following the 2019 FAA Legislative Conference, AAGO members have been discussing and deliberating with the AAGO government affairs team to help address and tackle a number of local issues. 

County Developments

In Orange County, we are actively keeping an eye on updates regarding current transportation and school impact fee studies. 

  • School Impact Fee Update: The county is still conducting an updated school impact fee study, however, the County is set to present a draft of their findings in March. 
  • Transportation Impact Fee Update: County Commission staff have begun presenting findings from their study and will continue to do so throughout March. 
    • AAGO and other housing industry partners will be meeting with the Mayor and Commissioners to discuss issues pertaining to the study and proposed fees. 

In Seminole County, longtime Building Official, Paul Watson, recently retired. Bob Pike, the previous Chief Plans Examiner has been named the new Building Official of Seminole County.

Additionally, AAGO drafted a letter to Governor DeSantis in support of a $2 million funding request for Seminole County Public Schools. The $2 million request will go towards developing a new construction and building trades training initiative for high school students. 

In Osceola County, AAGO is currently in discussions with County government staff to address the County's proposal to increase the multifamily parks and recreation impact fee.

  • The current multifamily fee rate is $678.97
  • Orange County is looking at raising this fee to $1,117.97

City Developments

This month, the City of Orlando finalized its proposed recycling program. AAGO closely collaborated with City staff to smooth out the "rougher edges" of the ordinance that would have had a number of negative implications on industrial growth. 

At the February 11th Winter Springs City Commission meeting, Commissioners worked to pass an ordinance designed to create a temporary moratorium on development. In addition, Commissioners simultaneously approved plans for new residential development. Winter Springs Mayor, Charles Lacey, vetoed the ordinance and expressed his strong dismay towards the Commission's recent developmental decisions. Mayor Lacey went on to criticize the Commission's decisions of approving apartment development. Claiming that residential development, particularly, multifamily development puts "unneeded stress on infrastructure in a way that reduces the quality of life for all". 

  • For further information regarding the Mayor's anti-apartment sentiments, click here

AAGO, in conjunction with FAA and NAA sent a letter of disappointment to Mayor Lacey, highlighting the importance of multifamily development as it pertains to the diversity and well-being of communal growth. 

Other Developments 

AAGO in tandem with FAA is working to further address and monitor a handful of issues that pose potentially negative effects on our industry. 

Rent Control

  • House District 47 Representative, Anna Eskamani, has introduced HB 6053 which seeks to overturn the state's current preemption on rent control. 
    • The bill is very unlikely to pass, however, we have had several meetings with Representative Eskamani in attempts to voice our concerns regarding rent regulation.
    • Further, we have expressed our desire to act as a resource in brainstorming more market-friendly solutions to address housing affordability.


For more information on local developments, local elections, advisory boards, and more, please contact Lee Steinhauer or Trinity Kutschinski


Look for the formal February Government Affairs Report in the next edition of the Key Magazine.