AAGO Votes! Your Guide To Election Day.

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AAGO Votes! Election Day Resource Guide.

With the number of political mailers in your mailbox, it should come as no surprise that Florida's primary is less than a month away. We want to ensure all of our members are heading to the ballot box prepared with the tools and information they need to feel confident in the votes they're casting!

Consider this page your "know before you go" voting resource guide! The information outlined below covers everything you need to conquer the ballot box, including, upcoming 2020 election dates and deadlines, links to each of our five County's Supervisor of Elections Offices, as well as our 2020 supported and endorsed candidates. 

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Florida's Primary

Florida's 2020 Primary Election will be held on August 18, 2020

(Q) Can all voters vote in the Primary?

  • (A) Florida is a closed primary state. This means that in order to be eligible to vote, voters must be registered with one of Florida's major political parties. However, all registered voters (with or without party affiliation) may vote in a primary election in local nonpartisan races
    • Nonpartisan means that a candidate is prohibited from qualifying or campaigning based upon party affiliation (i.e.- judicial and school board offices, nonpartisan special districts, or local referendum questions).
  • Unfortunately, the deadline to register or switch your party affiliation has already passed, so if you are already registered, you must vote using the information on record. 

If you're interested in learning more about Florida holding nonpartisan races, read, 'FL Justices OK Nonpartisan County Races

Florida's General Election

  • General Election Date- November 3, 2020. 
  • Registration Deadline- October 5, 2020. 

Additional Voter Resources

Before you cast your vote in the primary and/or the general election, it is important to ensure that the information on your voter registration is up-to-date. Through the Florida Division of Elections website, you can check your voter registration status, find your polling location, and check the status of your request for a vote-by-mail ballot. 

Voter Information Lookup

Election Day Voting Information

Online Voter Registration Information

Voting Day How To's

Election FAQs

2020 AAGO Supported Candidates

Before you head to the ballot box, familiarize yourself with our supported and/or endorsed candidates below. If you would like to access the County's Supervisor of Elections Office, please click on the name of the County. 
County Office Seeking Name District or Seat

APAC Supported


AAGO Endorsed



Orange  County Commission Betsy VanderLey (incumbent) 1 Y Y L
Mayra Uribe (incumbent) 3 Y Y W
Mike Miller (candidate) 5 Y Y L
Sheriff John Mina (incumbent) - Y Y W
Property Appraiser Amy Mercado (candidate) - Y N/A W
School Board

Bruce Antone


5 Y Y L
School Board

Karen Castor Dentel


6 Y Y W
School Board

Melissa Byrd


7 Y Y W
Seminole County Commission Lee Constantine (incumbent) 3 Y N/A W
School Board Abby Sanchez (incumbent) 3 Y Y W
Osceola County Commission Peggy Choudhry (incumbent) 1 Y Y W

County Supervisor of Elections Offices

Contact your Supervisor of Elections

Orange CountySeminole CountyOsceola CountyLake CountyVolusia County