2022 AAGO Member Budgeting Guide

Dues Structure, Events, Education, and Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to the AAGO Member Budget and Planning Guide page!  This is designed to be a quick reference to assist you with planning your investment in AAGO programs and events for 2022.  Please note, this page is evolving as the AAGO budget evolves for 2022 so the pricing and scheduled dates are subject to change.  Be sure to check the AAGO calendar for the most current information!  

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Member Dues (2022 Dues Structure)

Education (Basic Programs and Pricing)

Events (Dates and Pricing)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Membership Dues 

 See below for information on how to budget for your renewal dues.  As a reminder, renewal dues invoices will be sent out in November 2021 with a due date of January 4th, 2022.  Dues received after March 31st will be subject to a $50 re-instatement fee. 

Communities & Property Management Members:  

To calculate your dues simply find the pricing tier that applies to your property and multiply times the per unit cost.  For example, if your community has 250 units you would be in the 201 - 300 pricing tier at $3.20 per unit.  

(250 units x $3.20 per unit = $800 Dues Investment)

Community/Property Dues Tiers:

  • New Construction: $2.60 per unit
  • 0 - 60 Units:  $185.00 (Flat Fee Per Year)
  • 61 - 200 Units: $3.30 per unit
  • 201 - 300 Units: $3.20 per unit
  • 301 - 400 Units: $3.10 per unit
  • 401 - 500 Units: $3.00 per unit
  • 500+ Units: $2.90 per unit

Don't forget to include the $50 Advance The Industry Fund contribution, and support our industry efforts at the local, state, and national level!  To learn more about this contribution click here.

Note:  Renewal dues received after February 28th, 2021 are subject to a $25 extension fee.  Members that are dropped for non-payment are subject to a $50 reinstatement fee to reactive membership.  Florida/NAA/Blue Moon lease users are required to maintain membership in good standing in order to access the lease.

Supplier Dues

2022 Supplier Renewal Dues are $450 per company, not including the $50 voluntary advocacy fee!

Prorated Dues

If your community or company joined after January 1st, 2021 your dues invoice for renewal will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the period of your membership.  You will still receive your renewal in November 2022 along with the full renewals.  For example, if you joined in March 31st your dues would be priced based on April 1st - December 31st.

Education Programs and Pricing

APASS Education Subscription Program (Recommended!) - No Increase for 2022 Projected

One price per community or company unlocks access for all team members directly working for the APASS subcribing company including FREE qualifying seminars and a 10% discount off of member pricing for all certifications (EPA, CPO, etc), designations (CAM, CAPS, CAMT, CAS) if taken through AAGO.

  • $69 per month (12 month commitment) or
  • $795 if paid annually 

AAGO Programs and Classes (All priced per person)

  • Seminars: FREE for APASS - $79 (members) - $109 (non-members)
  • Learn, Engage, Apply, Perform (LEAP): $899 (APASS) ~ $999 (members) ~ $1099 (non-members)
  • Future Leaders: $225 (APASS) ~ $250 (members) ~ $300 (non-members)
  • Fair Housing & Beyond: $79 (APASS) ~ $89 (members) ~ $109 (non-members) 


  • EPA (Federal License): $135 (APASS) ~ $149 (members) ~ $195 (non-members)
  • Certified Pool Operator: $275 (APASS) ~ $299 (members) ~ $395 (non-members)

Designations:  Some designations have eligibility requirements in order to complete the program and receive the designation.  Please be sure to consult with the AAGO Education Department if you have questions about your eligibility. 

  • Certified Apartment Manager (CAM):
    • $875 (APASS) ~ $975 (member) ~ $1175 (non-member)
  • Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS):
    • Contact AAGO for information.
  • Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS):
    • February 2021 (CAPS Express)
    • $1349 (APASS) ~ $1499 (member) ~ $1699 (non-member)
  • Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT):
    • $850 (APASS) ~ $950 (member) ~ $1150 (non-member)

Events Schedules and Tentative Pricing

Please Note: The 2022 Event Schedule has not been crafted yet. The following dates, times, and pricing are subject to change and provided solely for baseline budgeting purposes.

Dinner Meetings

  • Installation of Officers, Directors, and Committee Leaders
    • January 2022
    • Location: TBA
    • $79 (member early bird) ~ $109 (non-member)
  • Market Update
    • May 2022
    • Location: TBA
    • $69 (member early bird) ~ $99 (non-member)
  • Thanks for Giving Luncheon/Volunteer Appreciation
    • November 2022 (Tentative) - Location: TBA
    • $79 (member early bird) ~ $109 (non-member)

Maintenance Appreciation (Formerly Maintenance Mania)

  • March 2022 Location: TBA
  • $35 Maintenance Professionals (member early bird) ~ $59 (member early bird) ~ $89 (non-member)

Trade Show

  • Spring 2022 Location: Central Florida Fair Grounds (Orlando)
  • $10 per person (in advance) ~ $20 per person (at the door)  
  • Note:  Pricing is for property management professionals only, and non-exhibiting suppliers are not permitted to attend.

Business Exchange

  • June 2022 (Tentative) - Location: Orlando Science Center
  • $59 per person (Management Members) (First two management attendees are free.)
  • $229 per person (Supplier Member General Admission)
  • $329 per person (Supplier Member VIP Admission)
  • $529 per person (Non-Member Supplier - General Admission) 

Golden Key Awards

  • December 2022 (Tentative) - Location: Hilton Orlando 
  • Nominations: $35 per nomination - Due August 2022
  • $129 per person (member) or $1,190 table of ten (member)
  • $229 per person (non-member)

Sponsorship Information

  • Expand your brand!  Take advantage of sponsoring an AAGO class, program, or event.  For 2022 we will be adding sponsorship opportunities for almost any budget size, and we are happy to assist you with planning your AAGO engagement strategy.
  • Contact Monica Ramsey for more information monica@aago.org